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Founded in 2020 amid the pandemic, Vitacore Industries prioritizes healthcare worker safety and environmental responsibility in all technological innovations. Committed to protecting both people and the planet, we've recently initiated recycling partnerships across Canada to address single-use plastic waste. As we expand our product lines and markets, we invite talented individuals to join us in making a substantial impact in healthcare, recycling, and beyond.

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Machine Technician

Job Listed On
January 9, 2024

Job Details

Time Commitment:
Port Coquitlam

about the Role

Vitacore Industries is looking for an experienced Machine Technician who will join our dynamic and skilled Technical team. The successful individual will have previous experience working within the manufacturing industry or related industry, and will have a minimum of 1 year of technical experience.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum 1 year of technical or related experience
  • Exposure to equipment parts and maintenance processes is an asset
  • Previous experience in a PPE manufacturing environment an asset
  • Exposure to Inventory Control systems/procedures
  • Work in a safe manner and follows all health & safety policies and procedures
  • Possesses a solid work ethic and demonstrates a professional, positive attitude
  • Willingness to work in a continuous improvement atmosphere
  • Accurate and highly analytical when handling data
  • Willing to work in a fast-paced environment.

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for working Safely and following all applicable Work Safe BC regulations & complying with company policies
  • Carries out preventive maintenance/repairs on all machines and production equipment
  • Is able to be on call to preform repairs as required, or provide guidance over the phone
  • Reports major incidents (that causes a serious machine downtime or when extra help is required) to Facility Manager
  • Works jointly with the Team Leads and Supervisors and other company staff on operating and troubleshooting problems with production equipment
  • Assists in the Root Cause Analysis process to determine the immediate cause and help develop sustaining counter-measure
  • Maintains a wide variety of power tools in good/safe working condition including annual/monthly safety inspections as required by Work Safe BC Regulation
  • Assists in the design, fabrication and installation of new production equipment
  • Assists in the re-engineering of existing production lines or equipment to ensure that continuous improvement and/or safety objectives are met
  • Performs other duties or undertake projects as assigned by the Facility Manager
  • Reports observations of any deviation to the process/procedure or a defect or non-conformance to the product which may result in a situation requiring safety assessment and placing the product on hold or scrapping the product to the management immediately
  • Liaison with contractors & suppliers on projects & initiatives as directed by the Facility Manager.

how to Apply

To apply for this job, please email hr@vitacore.com with your resume attached and the specific job title in the subject line.

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