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Canada's first pPE Recycling Program

Canada is anticipating over 63,000 tons of single-use PPE being disposed of and ending up in landfills. This volume of waste poses significant challenges to our existing disposal methods, the environment, and all Canadians.

Already as the first company to manufacture and produce respirators within Canada to receive a Health Canada IO, Vitacore now sought to become the first company to create and establish its own PPE recycling program.

How We Recycle

CAN99e children's respirator

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CAN95™ Respirator

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Can99™ respirator

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our values

Supporting Canadian front line workers

What is a “front line”? It is the line of defense between you and harm’s way. The front line takes the first, and the worst, hits in any dangerous situation. Vitacore puts a line of defense between the front line workers and the risks that they face every day for us -  Health Canada authorized masks and respirators.

Manufacturing high quality products on Canadian soil

Every part of our mask and respirator process is entirely Canadian. Canadian innovation, Canadian manufactured, authorized by Health Canada, and made with full respect for our beautiful Canadian wildlife and environment. The only thing more Canadian is the Maple Leaf and hockey!

Keeping Us and our neighbours safe

Keeping Canadians and all our extended North American family safe from harm so we can all continue to heal, restore, love, work hard, and live securely. Your commitment  to keep safe for yourself and others along with our hard work making quality masks and respirators a perfect partnership. Oh Canada!