what we do

Our purpose is to care for and protect people and the environment worldwide through innovative methods and products.


Vitacore Health, your trusted partner in Canadian PPE manufacturing and distribution. We are proud to produce top-tier PPE, including Canada's first authorized N95 disposable respirators, ensuring healthcare professionals have access to the best protection. Our unwavering commitment to quality and safety drives us to meet the highest standards, supporting frontline heroes' safety and well-being.

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As an initiative by Vitacore, we are dedicated to innovation and sustainability, focusing on tackling the global challenge of recycling hard-to-recycle materials. Planet Impact goes beyond just recycling; it's a brand, a movement, and a mission to empower everyone to make sustainable choices and create a positive impact on our planet, no matter how big or small. Join us in protecting our planet for future generations.

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At our core, we harness science and innovation to address pressing global challenges for the benefit of humanity and the environment, all while upholding ethical and efficient practices. Our agile approach to design, creation, and manufacturing allows us to respond swiftly to critical issues. We are committed to delivering effective solutions that make a positive impact on the world, reflecting our unwavering dedication to both ethics and efficiency.

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the vision

To expand beyond our current concepts of human innovation at the service of mankind.

the mission

Innovating and manufacturing in an agile way to solve critical world issues for both humankind and their environment, ethically and effectively.

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