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The CAN99™ Surgical Respirator is Vitacore's newest and most advanced particulate respirator. The CAN99™ is Health Canada Authorized, CE Certified under EN149 with FFP3 classification and CSA Certified. It was designed specifically for Canadian healthcare and frontline workers to provide the highest level of protection. The CAN99™ is manufactured at Vitacore’s Burnaby BC facility. The CAN99™ is currently available exclusively to public healthcare and frontline workers. 

CAN99™ initial independent fit testing demonstrates some of the highest fit scores of any respirator ever tested. The CAN99™ has over 99% particulate filtration efficiency (NIOSH), a minimum of 160 mmHg blood penetration resistance (ASTM F2100). Our low inhalation/exhalation resistance creates the best breathability of any mask in its class available on the market. 

The material, assembly and final product testing are independently conducted by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), McMaster University and private lab partners. 

CAN99™ Surgical Respirator Additional Information


> 99%

Blood Penetration Resistance

≤ 160mmHg

Item Package Quality


Production Capacity

4M Respirators per Month (initial)


rev3.0., ISO10993
ASTM F2101, ASTM F1862, 16CFR Part 1610

CAN99™ Certification

CAN99™ Technical Info
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