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Founded in 2020 amid the pandemic, Vitacore Industries prioritizes healthcare worker safety and environmental responsibility in all technological innovations. Committed to protecting both people and the planet, we've recently initiated recycling partnerships across Canada to address single-use plastic waste. As we expand our product lines and markets, we invite talented individuals to join us in making a substantial impact in healthcare, recycling, and beyond.

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Operations Manager, Recycling

Job Listed On
January 9, 2024

Job Details

Time Commitment:
Port Coquitlam

about the Role

Vitacore is looking for an exceptional leader to fill the position of Operations Manager, Recycling. In this role, you would be overseeing the entire functionality of the Recycling program and its various departments as described in the Responsibilities below. The Operations Manager, Recycling must be adept at both the technical and administrative aspects of operations, ensuring that the facility runs efficiently, safely, and profitably while adhering to environmental standards and regulations. Additionally, this individual is someone who takes time to develop work relationships with all Team Members to show them they and the company care, promoting our “People First” culture.

Job Requirements

·      5+ years of experience as an Operations Manager

·      Bachelor’s degree or a related field would be considered a strong asset

·      Superior management and leadership skills

·      Experience in recycling and medical device products or manufacturing industries is an asset

·      Previous experience in a start-up environment highly preferred

·      Experience in ISO-certified manufacturing industries a huge asset

·      Experience in OH&S is a tremendous asset

·      Ability to proactively drive results

·      Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment with changing priorities

·      Strong business acumen, critical thinking and problem-solving skills

·      Excellent analytical skills

·      Highly proficient with Excel and other MS Office suites

·      Must have “People First” mentality as a leader

·      Strong verbal and written communication skills

Job Responsibilities

·       Operational Management- ensuring the smooth functioning of recycling processes: this involves supervising the collection, sorting, processing, and selling of recycled materials, all the while adhering to environmental, health, and OH&S regulations;

·      Staff Management - the manager is responsible for ensuring that all employees are well-trained in their roles, understand safety protocols, and are working effectively;

·      Budget Management - overseeing the financial aspects of the program, including budgeting, cost control, and financial reporting;

·      Compliance and Safety - ensuring compliance with local, provincial, and federal environmental regulations, which includes maintaining necessary permits, conducting regular inspections, and ensuring safe operations;

·      Equipment Maintenance - overseeing the maintenance and operation of recycling equipment;

·      Innovation and Process Improvement - continuously seeking ways to improve recycling processes and would involve researching and implementing new technologies or methodologies to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, or increase the quality of recycled materials;

·      Stakeholder and Partner Relations - working with various stakeholders, including local governments, community groups, vendors, and customers;

·       Data Management and Reporting - collecting and analyzing data related to recycling operations.

how to Apply

To apply for this job, please email hr@vitacore.com with your resume attached and the specific job title in the subject line.

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